Job opportunities

In SCOL we are always looking for motivated, qualified (bilingual) teachers. Are you interested in working as a teacher in Leiden? Do you have a teaching qualification and working experience in teaching? If you would like more general information, please contact
Anna Lambrechtse.


Is your child ready for the world?

We are becoming more and more linked internationally with the countries around us and in the world. Our children are growing up in a global society. Increasingly, what happens in their own environment is hard to understand without knowledge of the wider world.

SCOL is convinced that the children of today will communicate and operate more than ever in a global context. That’s why we are investing heavily in international education. In our secondary schools, the Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum and the Bonaventuracollege, for example in bilingual education, Elos, 21st century skills and Global perspectives. In primary education in ‘Early English’ and in IPC (international primary curriculum).

Do you want your son or daughter to learn to look, think and operate over our national borders? To receive excellent language teaching? Would you like to know more about our internationally oriented education? If so, contact our schools for more information. Here is a list of schools and contacts.

Your child is more than welcome!